In this assignment you will apply things that you have learned to design a data analysis plan for a research question. The research question does not have to be something you could actually conduct as a student, so feel free to imagine unlimited time, resources, and access to special populations. The research question should be ethical. You do not need to do any special background reading to come up with a research question. “Can the influenza vaccine be safely and effectively administered to children undergoing chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma?” is a fine research question, but “What is the most effective stress management technique for students taking online statistics?” is also acceptable. (Please do not use these exact questions. Come up with your own based on your interests and experiences.) If you use any outside sources as part of this assignment, please cite them, but make sure everything you write is in your own words. As a reminder, the purpose of this assignment is to show how you have mastered course material, so the more course concepts you can integrate into your answer, the better your assignment is likely to be received.