Here are the intructions from my professor:
It is not easy for organizations to implement S&OP/IBP. In order to understand what makes implementation/change successful, you need to describe the critical success factors (CSF) of S&OP/IBP implementations. In addition, you may want
to compare and contrast the CSF for S&OP/IBP with CSF in general for organizational change/change management/
project management. Change management is a complicated topic and in reality, few change efforts/projects in organizations are very successful.
For this module, I expect you to find sources on your own. To find the success factors you should search for CSF for implementing organizational change projects in general as well as for S&OP/IBP implementations. You can also search for major issues/problems related to change projects (as well as S&OP/IBP), and thus identify what an organization needs to
do to reduce the impact of, or to eliminate these problems.
The length of each paper is up to you. I am more focused on the quality of your paper (and research) versus the length
of the paper. With that said, I suspect that 5 pages will not be enough yet 10 pages is most likely too much. Tables (or
gaphs, figures) are often good to structure and present data/information. For the paper:
1. You need to describe (at least) the five most important CSF you have identified. Often certain factors can be grouped
into categories, so you may need to think about structure as well, e.g. different categories, different levels of CSF etc.
2. It is probably a good idea to develop at least one table (e.g. for CSF and/or for problems and so forth).
3. You may want to compare and contrast implementation of change projects in general with implementation of S&OP/IBP – are the CSF similar or different, are the problems similar or different etc.
4. Based on your research, describe and discuss recommendations you would provide an organization if they are
starting a change project (such as an S&OP/IBP implementation).
If possible, relate to your industry/experience, compare and contrast.
Please add table or graph in paper. 1-2 should be good. Find sources on your own. Does not matter how many sources. However many sources you need to write this paper should be good.