Your project assignment (25% of your total course grade) is worth 100 points,
It focuses on creating a Training Plan focusing on Training Needs, Training Methods and Training Evaluations
Refer to Chapters 3 – 7; and, specifically pages 211, 226, 259-261, 300-317
ONLY a Power Point (PP) presentation will be accepted.
A minimum of 12 PP slides; but, no more than 20 PP slides (under and over the slide requirement will result in point deductions). Submitting only the minimum of slides yields minimum points in this category.
Include Pictures, Charts, Graphs, Videos, and Animated slides (the variety and complexity of these will increase points awarded, and the lack of including them will reduce points)
Include ALL research sources on one (1) PP slide
You may conduct research using your book and associated book power-points as well as the World-wide Web; however, your presentation SHOULD NOT be a copy of information published on the web. Hence, please ensure that your PP reflects creativity and innovation. Below are some components to include in your presentation. Additional relevant components will yield even higher scores.
As part of a president’s initiative to remove “barriers to learning” at a regional university/college, an analysis of student services operations was conducted. The analysis revealed that the barriers deemed most important by students were those that would delay or prevent them from registering for classes. These barriers fell into three areas:
Resolving issues relating to fines accrued over the previous terms (e.g. library, parking and late fees).
Completing forms accurately and meeting processing deadlines for financial aid and in time to enroll in classes
Acquiring appropriate advise so that they enrolled in the right classes (avoiding the problems associated with drops and adds)
As a result of the analysis, your university/college decided to create a new position called Customer Service Specialist (CSS).
As the Training Director of your university/college you are tasked with developing and designing a training course for the new CSS employees. Successful completion of the training course determines if the new employees will become permanent employees of your university/college. Guidelines for your PowerPoint presentation:
Name your university/college
Define what a training plan is
Develop your Training Course addressing/including:
Training Course Agenda (what will occur during the class, time frames can be used)
CSS Job Description (there are several sections to be included,refer to the book)
Course Objectives
Classroom (seating) Style
Content Design
Training method you will use
Length of the training course
Place/Location of the training
No. of trainers
No. of trainees
Training information
Select a type for measuring effective training – Kirkpatrick’s (reaction, learning, behavior or results)
Include an actual tool /form with 5 – 10 questions, with a rating scale
You will be graded on how well you explain/describe your Training Course. Points will be added and deducted based on how much or how little you:
include or omit the components outlined above
include or omit pictures, charts, graphs, video’s and animation etc. (each progressively more complex, warranting more points)
include or omit the correct number of slides (see above)
include or omit PP design, creativity and writing skills — grammar and punctuation
include or omit ALL research sources on one (1) PP slide
There are many facts about a training plan/course — so include as many as you like to present for an interesting PowerPoint “training plan/course” HOW YOU DESIGN (PUT TOGETHER) THE FLOW OF THE CONTENT FOR THE PRESENTATION IS THE FOCUS (KEY), versus trying to include lists of information. Think “creatively”, share information that is not readily known. REMEMBER TO CITE ALL SOURCES YOU USE! If any of the above instructions are not included, points will be deducted.
This presentation will be from your perspective; intended to enhance your professional understanding in developing a training course.