you research paper, I want you to write about a topic of your choosing that
gets my approval. This paper will demonstrate your research skills as you will
have to include at least 4 academic sources. You are encouraged to do more if
you like. Make sure you are clear on what you are arguing about and not just
writing an informational paper. You are to explore perhaps current problems
that are happening with your topics and/or discuss why they are important to
know about them. Discuss possible solutions and/or why they are effective or
why they are not. Address some counter arguments to your issue or solution if
it comes up. The purpose of your paper is important: why should the audience
care about your topic?
paper should be at least 6-7 pages. It should include an introduction that
clearly states what issue you are addressing and for what purpose. Your paper
should also include a clear thesis, proper transitions, topic sentences for
each body paragraph, and a conclusion explaining why this issue is important.
Every point you make in your essay should be backed up with evidence from your
sources. You should address any oppositions to your topic in your paper and be
able to refute it or find common ground.
essay should be presented in correct MLA format that includes Times New Roman 12-point
font, double-spaced, and standard margins. Your evidence should be properly
structured and documented. In the top left-hand corner should be your name,
your professor’s name, class number, and due date. Make sure that you have a
title for this paper and page numbers with your last name next to it.
My chosen topic was deforestation and the negative effects it has on different regions in the world