Brief – Write an academic report in the required format, which addresses all the following points in relation to the Lusail’s stadium in Qatar with a capacity of 80,000 people- venue for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
1. (10% of marks, 200 words) Introduction – Identify the importance of supply chain in Lusail’s stadium project  
2. (15% of marks, Application-based Diagram) Carry out a stakeholder analysis for the project and create a Stakeholder Analysis chart with at least 10 of the main parties who have an interest in the Lusail’s stadium project.  These may be individual, organisations, groups etc.  
3. (15% of marks, for the Application-based Diagram: 5% for Probability Impact Grid and 10% for Risk Register) Carry out a risk analysis for the Lusail’s stadium project and create a risk register with at least 10 risk events. Include the estimated probability, severity, and impact before and after the planned response 
4. (50% of marks) Critically evaluate on 
• (15%) How the knowledge of Procurement helps Project Manager to successfully complete the project? 
• (10%) Discuss the application of strategic tools Lean or Agile or combination of both in Lusail’s Stadium Project. 
• (15%) Discuss the importance, challenges, and benefits in employing the techniques Stakeholder Engagement and Risk Register in Lusail’s Stadium Project 
• (10%) From a project manager’s perspective, analyse the impact of challenges posed by change requests in the construction project 
5. (10%of marks,200 words) Conclusion and recommendations 
6. Appendix – To include additional diagrams/figures to enhance the writing if needed
7. Presentation format required:
(1) Font – Aerial, size 12; 1.5-line space; text justified on the left and right of the page
(2) Use relevant graphics in each section, with full citations.
Structure to Follow:
(1) Table of Contents
(2) Introduction
(3) Stakeholder Analysis Chart 
(4) Risk Assessment diagram
(5) Critical Analysis
(6) Conclusion/Recommendation 
(7) Appendix (optional)