Your essay must offer some literary analysis of one of the texts listed in the discussion readings list located in the previous module. You can choose to discuss one of the topics we’ve covered so far:
Point of View
But you don’t have to restrict yourself to one of those topics. Remember that you must point to something not explicitly stated in the text. This could be an interpretation of its meaning or a way it applies to life and/or literature (there are examples of this in the textbook, and I can point you in the direction of more).
The essay has the following requirements:
750-1,500 words
Proper MLA or APA formatting
2 or more credible sources of research
Effectively constructed paragraphs
Central topic explicitly or implicitly stated
An introduction that includes a hook
A conclusion that ties the essay together
I am assuming you learned all the technical aspects of writing an academic essay in English Comp I, but if you have specific questions, please ask.
Note: you must submit this work as either a Word document or pdf to get credit for this assignment.
The following readings can be done:
Karen Russell-Orange World
Dessa-Fighting Fish
A Tribe Called Quest
Vincent toro-All the mexicos
Terrance Hayes- The blue Seuss
Sarah Fox- Decorum of the House
Rebecca Starks- Open Carry
Patricia Lockwood – Rape Joke
Layli Long soldier
Jose Olivarez- people where no one is deported
Johanna Befler- the choicest parts
Jessy Randall- from the baby hygiene series
Jericho brown – Bullet points
Hayana charara- Terrorism
Danusha Lameris – feeding the worms