Write an analysis of the Noah / Flood narratives by weaving the following information into the paper: a) Briefly compare and contrast the two different narratives (P and J) pointing out style and detail differences [This should be a very brief mainly to show style differences that connect to the narrator’s purpose for the flood]; b) Connect the flood narrative with the importance of the creation & “Fall” narrative (note similarities). Why is this important? c) Most important – why is the Flood narrative important in providing an understanding of God and what God will and won’t do from this time forward including the shift to human responsibility. [Note: The narrative is answering a theological question that is discussed in class about why doesn’t God just “fix” the world, so be sure to include this aspect].
Address the question in any thematic or substantive ways. This narrative is a continuation and does become a recreation narrative for both P and J. However, the question is why is this important as a part of the creation narrative (and with J that includes the ‘fall’ and the disobedience with the knowledge of good and evil). The center piece of much of the “why” question will revolve around the understanding of human’s responsibility (mentioned in the question). The goal is to explain all that, so the flood/Noah narratives are explained as the narrators intended these to be understood.
Both sources are class notes and bible I can jot them down