Write a two-page, typed, double-spaced essay, consisting of a thoughtful response to David Hunter’s article on slavery and music, “Worlds Apart?” published in Opera in 2015. You may wish to consider the following some or all of the following questions:
_____ What is the historical relationship between slavery and music?
_____ Does Hunter’s research affect our understanding of the history of the oratorio?
_____ Does it matter now that Handel’s works were subsidized with slavery in the past?
_____ Should we perform pieces that were funded through slavery?
_____ When we program music, should it matter how that music originated?
_____ When we program music, should the character or activities of its creator(s) be taken into consideration?
_____ If we perform music by Handel, should we tell our audiences how it was funded? _____ If we no longer perform music by Handel, what kind of music should we perform?