Write a 4-5 page rhetorical analysis using the main concepts from “Chill: Robots Won’t Take All Our Jobs” by James Surowiecki on WIRED
Here’s the article:
Professor’s instructions:
Essays eligible for a C or above will meet the following requirements:
1. 4 to 5 pages–do not arrive with 3 and a half pages–of double-spaced writing measured with one inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font (as in this very document). No extra spaces between paragraphs. Do not exceed 5 pages. The page count does not include the works cited page.
2. An introduction that discusses the topic of artificial intelligence and what “They Say” about this issue prior to moving into what “I Say” and your thesis.
3. A thesis statement that claims not only that the author uses specific rhetorical strategies, but that the author does so for achieving a purpose. Which was the most significant strategy, and to what purpose did the author use it to persuade a specific audience? Place the thesis at the end of the introduction. Do not submit a thesis that has a smilistic claim like “The author makes good use of ethos, logos, and pathos.”
4. A brief summary of the article.
5. Focused body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be unified by a claim-based topic sentence and developed with a variety of support elements, like quotes, examples, stories, comparisons, etc. Avoid the 5 paragraph essay wherein the intro precedes three body paragraphs, each one focused on its respective goal to explain ethos, logos, and pathos. Break them up. Use two paragraphs to make two different claims (topic sentences) about how ethos (or pathos or logos) is utilized, for instance.
6. Transition sentences between paragraphs.
7. Paraphrased and directly quote examples from the article you are analyzing as support for your argument. Attempt to use at least two quotes/paraphrases per body paragraph.
8. An MLA formatted works cited page. Doesn’t count towards page minimum.