Unit #2 Vocabulary Quiz. Your submission should be 10 pt. font, double spaced, and each answer should be 1/2 page in length. Use specific examples (variety) of art and specific details to support each answer.
1. Portraiture is BIG business. What are characteristics of portraiture used during the Renaissance/Baroque/Enlightenment period? What is a specific function of portraiture? Support your answer with examples of art and specific vocabulary.
2. What is one example of the relationship between patron, artist, and audience/location that you found specifically effective for Unit #2 (secular art). Give an example and support with specifics.
3. Politicians (Kings/Emperors/Sultans/Presidents) use art/architecture to send a political message. What is one example of political art (art of the establishment) that you found sent a strong message? It can be a portrait, history painting, contemporary event, genre scene, etc. Be sure to use specific examples and relevant vocabulary to