There are 2 parts to my assignment, which will be submitted as two separate Turnitin submissions.
I have attached the guideline brief, so please refer to them for the specific instructions.
The first part is a document containing my report of 2500 words, including any graphs and tables that are referred to in the report. The question that needs to be answered linking to my topic is, How did Covid-19 affect the people’s belief in the political system and government?
The second is a single SPSS output file containing all SPSS output generated to complete this assessment. I have linked the URL needed to download the SPSS software. I have also attached the ‘CR2011 dataset’ which you will also need as you are advised to consult the dataset in order to determine which variables you might use. You will need to download the SPSS software first to be able to access the dataset.
Additionally, please follow the structure and format given in the brief.