Situation: A pedestrian is truck by a car while waiting on a red light. The trauma produces s a hemi-section of the spinal cord in the mid-thoracic region. Specifically, the complete left half of their spinal cord is severed at the level of T7 vertebra. The right half of the cord remains intact.
Use the above information to answer questions 1 through 5. In each case, determine if any of these areas of the body will be affected. (I.e. does it work properly or not)
1. The ability of the right and left Gastrocnemius to contract? 
2. The ability to sense pain on the skin that covers the sole of your right and left foot?
3. The ability to sense if someone else is plantar flexing your right and left foot.
4. The ability to tell if the floor is vibrating under your right and left foot.
5. The ability to elicit a response from the right and left patellar reflexes?