Post a thread about either Tim O’Brien’s “The Lives of the Dead” or Karen Russell’s “The Bad Graft”. In your thread, focus on how one of the literary elements mentioned in the module overview improves or distracts from the story’s effectiveness. Restrict yourself to one of those elements and offer specific details from the text that support your claims about it.
One way to approach this is to ask yourself what the story would be without the elements you’re paying attention to. For example, what would happen to the story without its particular focus, setting, point of view, etc.? If you can imagine the story without that element, you might be able to see what it adds to or subtracts from the overall impact.
Keep your thread between 200 and 300 words.
Respond to at least three of your peers. However, only respond to someone who discussed the story you did not. For example, if you post a thread about “The Lives of the Dead”, respond to someone who wrote about “The Bad Graft”. In your responses, use specifics from the text that demonstrate your understanding of it.
Elements are attached in pictures to choose one