Please respond to the below student discussion post in 100 words.
Susan Lefevre’s case is quite an interesting one. It is tough to remain impartial regarding her arrest based on the investigation; it appears she was likely selling narcotics. If minimum wage at the time was $2.00 an hour, and she was making $2,000 a week, then I believe she was in fact selling drugs and should face some consequences. This is further supported by all the evidence located inside her apartment during her arrest. She then absconded and assumed a fake identity in California. Even though she was arrested nearly 32 years later, I do take into account the fact that she turned her life around. She got married, raised children and was a volunteer. However, this should not mean she is now innocent. I would recommend to the Governor of Michigan that Susan Lefevre be sentenced to 5 years on a probationary status with restitution. I would also recommend more community service, not to include the one with which she is already involved. Taking into account this is a drug offense, I would not let her entirely off the hook since it carried a hefty sentence to begin with. She fled the state and assumed another identity however; she seemed to clean up her life for the better. I further believe giving her the maximum sentence would be detrimental to her three children though she should bear some responsibility for her actions.