Please respond to the below discussion post by my classmate in 100 words.
Integrity is law enforcement Greatest needs because the current rank in file at certain agencies have no integrity. What stood out to me the most in the video is training. Field Training Officers play a vital role when training new officers. FTO’s aren’t not just tasked with observing what a rookie learned in the academy but also teaching a rookie Standard Operating Policies and Procedures for that agency. The film stated that some FTO’s and Supervisors would rather be liked than be a leader. If a Supervisor or FTO would rather be liked instead of being a leader, then more than likely there will be a lot of things the rookie officer may do would be looked over. Supervisors should be monitoring how FTO’s are training the new officers. If the FTO is seen teaching incorrectly, the supervisor should step in and correct the error. FTO’s and Supervisors are beginning positions to the future chain of command. The things they do now in there current position will affect what they do as they move up in the rank in file. It will either make the department better and stronger or it will hurt the department in a way that will make the community have no trust in the agency. Re-certification in certain positions, such as FTO’s. FTO’s are again the face of the agency. They need to be very knowledgeable on SOP’s and what has changed and added. FTO’s should also be apart of the academy while recruits are still there to see what they are learning. The future of a rookie officer starts with their training and how their FTO trains them.