Overview of theory (7-8 pages, not including the References page)
In this section of your paper, you will present the two theories you will be working with to analyze and evaluate your health campaign.
For each theory (about 4 pages for each):
Using sources, summarize the purpose of the theory. What is it supposed to do? What does it explain and predict?
Using sources, explain the history of the theory and/or how it was developed.
Using sources, explain each component of the theory in detail. For example, in the Health Belief Model, you would explain and define perceived benefits, perceived barriers, perceived severity, perceived susceptibility, cues to action, and self-efficacy.
Present research that employed the theory to evaluate other health communication campaigns. How have researchers used the theory?
You will need to cite eight academic sources (scholarly articles and books). There is no limitation on timeframe for sources for this section. You should use four for each theory. You may use your readings as two sources (one for each theory). Cite sources in APA style.