Nursing theory website :<
I have posted directions as an explanation of of it should look and be there is a total of 8 slides i have done the first 3 already so i just need 5 more slides <
Directions:1. Introduction slide contains a title and person’s name<
2. The environment of the chosen career is clearly identified and easy to understand.<
3. The environment of chosen career is a total of 2 slides with titles on each slide.<
4. The theory is clearly identified and pertains to the chosen career.<
5. The theory is a total of 2 slides with titles on each slide.<
6. Healthcare quality, informatics and technology is easy to understand for chosen career.<
7. Healthcare quality, informatics, and technology is a total of 3 slides with titles on each slides.<
8. There are notes explaining each slide.<
9. There are no spelling, word usage, sentence structure, grammar, or punctuation errors.<
10. There are no errors in APA formatting.<
11. There is a reference slide.<
12. The presentation is creative with images and other graphics.<
My career choice is registered nurse pediatrics i also have to have a works cited page.<