*NOTE* One page for each question.
Question #1
“The One Campaign on poverty (2006); 2020 campaign”
ONEbyONE. YouTube.
We fought back – the ONE way.

1. Give a professional critique of the social marketing campaign above (review the links).
2. Give an example (a link or a description) of either a traditional or social marketing campaign that you believe excels at reaching its target audience with effective appeals
3. Explain why you think it is effective. Be sure to provide a thorough and informed analysis.
Question #2
1. Generate a comprehensive list of all of the risks that you think health care organization should consider in its risk management planning. (Do NOT include “workplace violence risk”)
2. Which do you think should take priority in terms of public action?
3. How would you suggest AV convalescent act on your selected priority item/s?