My strategy for Hosting the Shark Tank Event 
Purpose: By observing and learning from the host of your favorite program/show/conference, you will be inspired to prepare strategies for hosting the Shark Tank Event. (e.g., the HSC entrepreneurial proposal presentation). 
My name is ______________________ and I am in Group #_______. My first Host date[i] is ___________. 
Who is your favorite host[ii]?    (Briefly explain the show/program   of your favorite host.)
How does she/he inspire you? 
(1) What do you like about his/her program and   style? 
(2) How he/she lead the audience? 
What’s your plan/strategy to lead   and rock your audience on your first host performance? 
(Please list   specific activities or strategies that you will execute on your host date.)
The technology/media that I plan to use   to facilitate discussion during my Entrepreneur Show?
e.g.,   Breakout room in Zoom for facilitation group discussion
e.g., Kahoot   for class participation and discussion on specific topics….etc. 
[i] You may check the Course Schedule (on iLearn) for the exact presentation date. 
[ii] The host of your favorite TV show/program/conference….etc.