Interview Paper
Students will interview two people of the same developmental stage and write a 7- to 10- page paper comparing and contrasting the perspectives of the interviewees. The paper should be informed by your class readings and lectures. You are to create your interview protocol but questions should generally address each of the following: self-perception, perception of family, life challenges, coping strategies, and cultural considerations. You may take notes during the interview or record the interview depending on the preference of the interviewee. The interview time should range between 30 and 75 minutes. Within the paper the interviewees should be given pseudonyms and the paper should follow APA guidelines for the title page and citations. No abstract is required. The paper must incorporate more than a transcription of the interview; it also requires your reflection. In addition to the textbook, three journal citations are required of articles published in peer reviewed journals in the past 7 years.