Interpreting and presenting task(can be hand written or completed using computer software)
There has been a lot of media attention in recent years related to child obesity and poverty.
This assignment will look at data from a sample of boys and girls from the National Child Measurement Programme
Using the data obtained from the spreadsheet for the national child measurement programme,( called boys and girls data on moodle) generate your own new spreadsheet to show the BMI and Index of multiple deprivation(IMD) for 25 boys and 25 girls including the X^2 column for further standard deviation calculations. 1.1
Calculate the mean BMI for girls and for boys and evaluate the results
Investigate what a normal BMI should be and calculate what percentage of boys
and what percentages of girls are overweight. Evaluate the results. 1.1,1.3,
Complete 2 frequency tables, Male BMI and Female BMI. The frequency tables must show boundaries used for continuous data.1.2
Add two further columns one for a cumulative total and another to show the relative frequencies.1.2
Complete 2 further frequency tables for male and female IMD. This will be shown as discrete data with no cumulative totals.1.2
Draw or produce on excel 2 histograms, one for male BMI and one for female BMI. Label all axis and put a title on each.2.1
Draw or produce on excel 2 bar graphs ,one for male IMD and one for female IMD.Label all axis and put a title on each.2.1
Draw 2 cumulative frequency graphs –one for boys BMI and one for girls BMI.2.1 ,2.2
Include median, lower quartile and upper quartile and calculate the IQR 2.2
Draw a box and whiskers and evaluate the differences in the median and spread of data between girls and boys 2.2
Find standard deviation for the girls BMI and the boys BMI and state which has the greater spread of data 2.3
Construct a frequency curve for the male BMI and a frequency curve for the female BMI. 2.4
For each of these use the standard deviation calculation to complete a standardised normal curve for each by showing standard deviations from the mean on the X axis. 2.4
Extension task (optional); Calculate the correlation coefficient for IMD and BMI for boys and then for girls.
Does this show a correlation between levels of deprivation and child obesity?