In previous topic I learned that organizations decide to go global for a number of reasons. It could be that there is less competition, labor is cheaper, taxes are lower, etc.  
International HR Management practices and globalization has forced the organization to seek opportunities globally in an effort to gain a competitive edge, win market share, and build cross-border alliances to achieve a successful business outcome. With this in mind, these business demands have transformed the role of an International HR professional and forced IHRM to introduce innovative venues while creating a business strategic partnership. Respond to the following questions:
What strategic objectives are necessary in order for a global manager to be prepared and explore the opportunity to expand business in a foreign country?
What are the internal and external factors (HR/Business) that will affect the global organization today when doing business overseas?
Identify what challenges will the international organization be faced with when seeking to attract, recruit, select, and retain the right talent?
Identify and describe what strategies are needed to build a cross-border team?
Provide practical examples and related facts to support your answers for this week’s topic discussions.
When answering the questions, please use bullets.