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Can you please help me complete this assignment by tomorrow night ? The group I am working with is drug/alcohol support group.  Pages: 6 pages. Can you please use these readings for sources: & any other on your end ? 1. Brandler, S. & Roman, C.P. (2016). Chapter 2, Value dilemmas in group practice (pp.12-18) In Group work: Skills and strategies for effective interventions, 3rd Ed. New York: Routledge.
2. Cohen, C.S., Doel, M. Wilson, Quirke, D., Ring K.A. & Ruwaida Abbas, S. (2012). Global group work: Honoring processes and outcomes.  Groupwork, 22(1). 78-98.
3. Abramson, J.S. (2017). Group processes, dynamics and skills in interdisciplinary teamwork. In: Garvin, C.D., Guitirrez, L.M, and Galinsky, M.J., Editors. Handbook on Social Work with Groups, 2nd Ed. NY: Guilford Press.
4.Gitterman, A. (2005). Group Formation, Tasks, Methods, and Skills.  In: A. Gitterman and L. Shulman (Eds) Mutual aid groups, vulnerable and resilient populations, and the life cycle. (pp .73-112).  Itasca, Ill.: F. E. Peacock Inc.
5. Gumpert, J. & Black, P. N. (2006) Ethical issues in group work: What are they? How are they managed? Social Work with Groups. 29(4). 61-74.
6. Falck, H. (1995) Central characteristics of social work with groups: A sociocultural analysis, In R.Kurland & R. Salmon (Eds.) Group work practice in a troubled society. (pp.63-72). Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press.
Identify and briefly describe a population that you are working with in field that could benefit from a group-based intervention. How did this population come to your attention?
Using the required readings and course Syllabus as a guide to the literature, what are three key values or benefits of using a group approach with this population? (Use, cite, and reference at least three (3) sources from the Syllabus)
Using course literature on models and theories of group practice, what type of group approach would you propose? (Use, cite, and reference at least three (3) sources from the Syllabus)
Using the required readings and course syllabus as a guide to the literature, identify at least two key challenges or obstacles in group interventions in each of the contexts below?  How would you address each of these challenges? Discuss at least two challenges or obstacles for each of the following:
In the agency context? 
In the community context?
In the client context?