For your first formal writing assignment, you will analyze a film of your choosing using the segmentation methods outline on pages 27-38 of your textbook.
First, choose a film that you saw for the first time last year (during 2021). It can be any film, new or old, so long as it is A) American (that means made by an American film studio) and B) available for you to re-watch at home (avoid movies in theaters or not yet released on disc/streaming).
Then, begin your writing with a segmentation analysis, as explored in your textbook, where is says that “segmentation…[is] the process of dividing works into their constituent parts to study them in greater detail” (Belton 27).
Finally, provide an additional analysis. Your essay should have two parts. First, the segmentation, and finally, the analysis (this is the same format that the textbook uses; first Belton shows us the segmentation, and then he analyzes what those segments “mean”). It is important that you keep in mind that a segmentation analysis is not just an explanation of the plot! If all that you provide is the sequence of events from the film, you will fail this assignment!
This assignment must be submitted on Canvas using Microsoft Word. t should be no less than 500 words, and no more than 1,000. It must abide by proper MLA format & citation, with correct spelling and grammar. It is worth ten points. Points will be reduced for incorrect format, spelling, and grammar, however a passing grade will only/always be earned by submitting an essay that meets the word length that provides a segmentation explanation of your chosen film followed by an analysis of that segmentation.