For this second Reflective assignment, I need you to watch the following vides about the period known
as the Scientific revolution as well as the Crash Course Videos associated with the chapters of Unit Two.
The video on the Scientific revolution is less than an hour and can be found at: the Crash Course Videos can be found at the
conclusion of this assignment.
The Documentary chronicles the discussions and dilemmas associated with the “role” of scientist and
the catholic Church. The video discusses the early issues and how the executions changed the people’s
views of the situation. Why was the Church so insistent on burying and covering up the
experimentations of the early scientists? What was the Church up to? How and why did the Church
change its mind? The video deals with those issues – listen to the different voices that can be heard
throughout the video/ Do they have an agenda? How un-biased are they in their opinions? Which of
the voices makes the most sense to you? Why?
You do not need to look anything up – I want to know your opinions, not someone else’s. I need to
know how you think about these issues. Can you see these same types of issues developing in the
contemporary world? Remember that thee assignment will filter through the SafeAssign Protocol – see
what it has to say about your entry – better you fix any issues before I see them. Papers should range
from 400 to 650 words.