For this assignment, you are creating an annotated bibliography for your report. You have already turned in a list of sources for your report for your instructor’s approval.  Now, go back, and make sure you have what you need.  At this point, you may still revise the list.  At this point, too, you should have a clear idea of what is an acceptable source and what is not.  When in doubt, ask.  
Remember:  Your sources must be reliable/credible.  It’s better to use articles in scholarly and professional journals/newspapers, as well as professional websites  because they tend to be more current and substantial.  Your sources must have an author and/or editor.    
To Do:
For the annotated bibliography, follow the format below.  Your summaries, potentially, may become a part of the final report, so make sure you take time to do them correctly.  Each summary should be about 150-200 words. The evaluation tells me (and you, really) why this source is important and relevant to your report.
Model your submission based on the following: