Focus on the terms and concepts presented in Section 1: Fundamentals. In your paper describe how the artwork you’re looking at makes use of the Elements and Principles of art. Write about the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, like Line, Shape, Space, Volume, Color, Emphasis, Unity, etc in relation to the artwork you’re looking at. You book goes into great depth about these topics – use them in your discussion of the artwork!
Hold on – Before you submit your assignment, make sure:  
You’ve read the  page
Your paper is 800 words minimum. If it’s not, you’ll get a zero! I’m not kidding. 
You are reviewing ONE art exhibition from one of the approved gallery or museum websites during the duration of this course
You are discussing at least three different works of art within that exhibition using terms from the book
You have at least the name of the Gallery, name of the Exhibition, titles of the pieces, the names of the artists who made those pieces, and the medium of the works you’re reviewing.
Have you spelled checked it? Does it read well?