Do the self-awareness inventory in Chapter 3 of your text on page 48. In light of the information given in chapter three, think of ways you can revise your or a biography. Please choose 1 of the 8 categories (or another of your own choice) to build your revised bio upon. Seek to build your new bio, on one theme only, that describes who you are. along with comments about your decisions for the changes that you have made. NOTE: You should be changing most of the text of your previous biography in this revision. The addition of a paragraph or changing wording here and there does not complete the intent of this assignment. It should be rewritten. (Refer to Speaker’s notes on page 42.
Note: I don’t have this book: Osborn, Michael, Osborn, Susan and Randall Osborn. Public Speaking. 11th ed. Chapters 1-3, 6, and 13.
Don’t forget to explain WHY you made the changes that you made.