Coursework Requirement
• The assignment is an individual report. This report should include a case study of a UK commercial bank. The length of the report is 1200 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover page, table of content, references and appendices. The use of Fitch Connect database is required.
1. Conduct a case study of one UK commercial bank of your choice. The case study should analyse how the capital adequacy of your chosen bank has changed for the last decade, and provide a well-structured and insightful financial analysis. Your primary source of data should come from Fitch Connect. Your analysis needs to be supported by well-presented data and diagrams.
(Marks allocation: 80%)
2. Your report needs to adopt a report format and must also include a cover page, a table of contents, an introduction section and a conclusion section. All references should be cited and referenced using Harvard referencing style.
(Marks allocation: 20%)
Detailed Marking Scheme:
• Introduction and conclusion (20%)
o Good description of useful background information
o Clear explanation of the objectives of this report
o Concise summary of important observations and findings
• Data explanation and presentation (20%)
o Clear explanation on the choice of bank
o Careful articulation of the rationale of the chosen financial ratios
o Description on data collection process
o Well-designed data presentation with diagrams or graphs
• Observation and analysis (40%)
o Clear description on the trends in data
o Insightful explanation on the data trends and key changes with the support of cited facts, theories, and/or more granular data obtained from the database
• General presentation (10%)
o A table of contents
o Clear separation of key sections
o Overall presentation and structure
• Citation and referencing style (10%)
o Correct citations in the main content with Harvard referencing style
o Correct references at the end of report with Harvard referencing style