ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! The writer assigned to this assignment must truly have the academic level for someone with a completion of a Masters degree! The assigned writer MUST BE EFFICIENT IN ENGLISH!!
This is a capstone project that is worth a majority of my grade in this course.
–> This is very simple. My capstone project is based on how i will create a bright signage on the head of the bed for pediatric patients in the preoperative and postoperative settings of a children’s hospital. The signage will notify staff that the patient is a high fall risk so we need to pay close attention to them. I will also provide parents of the child with a easy to read “Fact sheet ” that will provide education on commonly used sedative medications that children receive and how the side effects.
1) Please fill out the form attached, I have written notes in some of the columns to give the writer an example of what the professor is looking for.
2.) Any references used must be from the years 2017 to current.
Thank you!