-Everyone answers each question 2 or more points that can be elaborated
-Each point should also include which readings the idea came from
-Everyone read through other members’ points by Sunday
Can write down your preference of which question would like to work on
-Lujain and Breanna will edit the entire paper and write Executive Summary and Statements of Issues/Major Points to Consider
I added the reading material below for you.
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1. Is it possible for an autocratic government to have a high soft power profile in today’s world?
2. Could information/disinformation wars and cyberwarfare be used by such governments for successful soft power deployment?
3. How could such a government use the Gerasimov doctrine?
4. When should democratic governments use soft power/hard power/smart power to persuade/force autocratic ones to change?
5. Can bad behavior or worse be changed by soft power?
6. Going forward to 2050 which country/region will be best positioned – the USA, Russia, China or the EU – in terms of soft/hard/smart power? You must defend your positions using readings from the course and what has happened with the US in Libya and other foreign places, Russia in Ukraine and Syria, China and its place in the world, and the EU with its normative power. Do not forget to use scenario analysis for this assignment. Give a brief recommendation also for each of these 4. Cite properly and provide a bibliography.