Anzaldúa Response Essay
After reading and discussing Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, you should have a clear understanding of her theory of borderlands. In this response essay, you will have two aims: 1. To articulate your understanding of her borderland theory and 2. To analyze her work in context of that theory.
Part One:
In Part One of your response essay, you will articulate Anzaldúa’s borderlands theory in a way that makes it accessible to others but not reductive. Her ideas are complex; make sure you reflect this in your writing.
Part Two:
In Part Two of your response essay, you will discuss one way in which Anzaldúa’s book is a work of her borderland theory. In other words, how does her own writing reflect/exemplify some of her borderland theory/language. Use specific examples from the text to support and explain your assertions.
General Guidelines:
• The response is to be three pages in length.
• The response is to be written using standard MLA style.
• The response is your own analysis; no outside sources are to be used.
• The response is to reflect all advanced writing practices: focus, organization, support, language, mechanics, citations.
• The response is due by the date and time listed in the course schedule.