Review the stress process and workplace stressors (role demands, information overload, work-family conflict, life changes, downsizing) in chapter 7. Think about how some of these stressors apply to places other than work, such as school and personal life. Rank each of the stressors you experience from most frequent/impactful to least frequent/impactful. Next, describe how you prioritize the various demands on your time, such as work, school, and family. How do you balance (or attempt to balance) personal/family responsibilities and work (including school) responsibilities?
Review the outcomes of stress in the chapter and then describe the outcomes of stress you experience. Based on the types of emotions (positive and negative emotions), types of emotional labor, and the components of emotional intelligence described in the chapter, explain and provide examples of the types of emotion you experience and the types of emotional labor in which you engage. Explain which components of emotional intelligence you are strong in and those areas you feel you need to develop further. Lastly, review the section of the chapter on individual approaches to managing stress, and design a stress management plan for yourself.