Review the leadership behaviors described in chapter 12, and then describe the leadership behaviors you display. Provide specific examples of how/when you display these behaviors. If you do not/have not ever displayed any of the leadership behaviors, describe behaviors you believe you could display and describe opportunities you may have at work or school to display those behaviors.
Next, review the types of leader decision making approaches in the chapter. Describe a decision you made in your work, school, or personal life that involved one or more other people and the leader decision making approach you used to make the decision. Provide specific examples.
Lastly, review Fiedler’s Contingency Theory, Situational Leadership, Path-Goal Theory of Leadership, Transformational Leadership, Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory, Servant Leadership, and Authentic Leadership from this week’s textbook reading. Describe a leader you have worked with at work, school, or volunteering and identify the leadership theory they display(ed). Describe their leadership approach, providing specific examples that illustrate the leadership theory you identified. Explain the impact their leadership approach had on you.
Be sure to thoroughly explain your experience the skills and competencies you discuss, provide clear examples, and support your points with evidence from the course content or your own research.
When posting, acknowledge where your ideas come from by mentioning your resources and include a link when appropriate. You do not need to include formal citations for discussions.
Respond to two peers. Compare and contrast your experience and the leadership theories you discussed in your post with theirs. Be sure to add new insights, incorporate examples, and back up your points with evidence from the course content or outside sources. Go beyond agreeing with peers, congratulating others on good posts, and thanking people for making good points.