In 175-250 words, describe an idea for a final data analysis project for this course. This can be a real-life project at work or it can be a project for an industry that you’re interested in, such as: sports, criminal justice, health, finance, etc..). You would need to be able to acquire a data set large enough to analyze for this purpose. For instance, the size of some of the files we’ve used thus far in the class (CO2 and Presidents data files).
Discuss what you believe you will be analyzing in this data and how it could be useful for the organization you work for, or an industry expert within the industry you’ve chosen. For example, a data file on crime in a city could be analyzed to determine if additional officers are needed to combat crime within that city. The data could potential help you determine if there is a rise in crime or if levels are the same as previous years.
You should also attach the data file that you would like to work with so that the instructor can approve it for your final project. Approval will be made through the comments section of this assignment when graded.
This is the first step in your final data analysis project. If this assignment is submitted late, it will not earn any points, however, it must still be submitted in order to move forward to the next step in the project. Be sure to submit this project as soon as you find a data set that you believe you can work with.