i am providing a file with 500 words about the metaverse and education.
i am also providing another file on what’s exactly required from this presentation.
I want to add 500 words talking about the impact of metaverse in education, one case study to prove it works and example on how the children or students could learn using it.
for example how can the learners emerge into history ww1/geek culture/geography ( rainforest,rivers etc)
I need to link it all to learning pedagogy i want to talk in this case about 2 of them.
expriential learning (and how socrates used similar inquiry-based practices, Roberts Karplus and learning cycle then modified by lawson/Kolb and how the metaverse could be the continuity of it.
also how we could apply the pedagogy of social learning because the metaverse can reinforce the positive interpretation of the educational experience because it based on providing a safer social environment etc
conclusion should be in the form of question on how the metaverse will be a game changer or the opposite and wether this technology could have bad sides etc.
please use simple english and clear sentences not complicated.
please keep original text and add 500 words so the outcome after rewriting will be 1000 words also keep the references after checking them out.