Research your community looking for food deserts; accessibility and affordability of food; quality of foods available (nutritious vs. high fat, high sugar, low nutritional value); and statistics or observations on body weight and health level of people in your community.  Use the resources listed under “Data on food deserts and other demographic data” in the week’s readings to help you gather this data.  You may also find data on obesity rates and health from your state or local health department.
Find information on local food banks.  Do you have one (or more) in your community?  Are most of the foods packaged?  Are there fresh fruits and vegetables available?
For your initial postwrite and post a “community health” report.  You should comment on a minimum of the following in your report:
Does your community have areas of food deserts?
How easy would it be to access food in your community if you do not have a car?
Is healthy food affordable for a low-income family in your community?
How nutritious are the foods in the foodbank?
How would you describe the obesity level in your community?  Cite statistics if they are available or just your observations. 
How does food access impact body weight in your community?
How might your community work to correct challenges you discovered?  Write at least two suggestions for interventions.