Discuss Information Technology Portfolio Management and should be a minimum of 5 pages and not to exceed 7 pages (including Cover Sheet and References page). It should demonstrate the concepts covered below and should have at least 4 references. APA (7th edition) format is required.
Format below
Cover page
Definition of a Project 
Project Methodologies – Waterfall & Iterative Methodologies
The Superstructure
Integration Management
Scope Management 
Time Management
Cost Management 
Quality Management
Human Resource Management 
Communication Management 
Risk Management
Procurement Management
Stakeholder Management
Definition of Project Portfolio Management
IT Portfolio Management
Modern Portfolio Theory
Financial Investment Decision
Project Investments
IT Project Management – Specifically Risks, Maximization & Strategic Alignment
IT Project Management Office (IT PMO)
IT Project Portfolio Management Office (IT PPMO)
Virtual PMO
Organizational Change