You are to map the value chain of an organisation or a case study demonstrating a professional and critical engagement with the potential of information systems and process management to drive or facilitate improvements to the competitiveness and/or efficiency of the organisation or selected process. From this analysis identify opportunities for the organisation to improve its value proposition.
Individual presentation with audio commentary (100%)
You will need to record a presentation of no more than 15 minutes. You will be expected to demonstrate selection and application of appropriate tools and techniques and show an academic and critical engagement with information systems.
The presentation considers two objectives:
Students are asked to undertake a value chain analysis of a current process or system in an organisation or a case study;
Students should identify and recommend possible improvements to the process/ system and justify the competitiveness and efficiency of their improvements using performance measures. Students will be expected to demonstrate and apply appropriate operations management frameworks and techniques. Students are also expected to engage critically with the information systems academic literature.
The assessment should demonstrate the learning outcomes:
Apply a critical and professional engagement with the issues, theories and concepts necessary to evaluate the impact of information systems, digital transformation and process management as drivers and facilitators of strategic differentiation.
Critically analyse issues such as a value chain analysis to an organisation or network, identify the contribution of operations, processes, digital transformation and information systems to the achievement of competitiveness and efficiency whilst evaluating alternative approaches to delivery and implementation.
An understanding of the nature of business processes, the factors affecting their design and implementation, and their contribution to the performance of the organisation.
Ability to apply concepts, tools and techniques of information systems, process and operations management to analysis and problem solving in a specific managerial context.