Week 2: Discussion
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Hi everyone,
For this week, watch this Ted Talk and answer some of the questions below:
the viseo is below(you can copy and paste it one YouTube)
Proud to call you my transgender son | Skip Pardee | TEDxReno
Answer one of the following questions and post your response in the discussion:
*Please be respectful of others and review the college’s Netiquette guidelines*
**3-4 sentence responses**
What were your thoughts after watching this video?
How have your thoughts on gender changed since watching this Ted Talk?
What kind of social forces has influenced your gender?
Do you behave in a way that is perceived as being more of a ‘traditional’ gender role or is the way you behave considered ‘non-traditional’?
How do you typically communicate with loved ones? Do you use a lot of non-verbal communication?
*Please make sure to be respectful of your classmates’ perspectives and posts.
**All Netiquette rules apply
***Post in 3-4 sentence responses.