Topic to be answered in the essay:
The coronavirus pandemic revealed in new and disturbing ways the underlying sources of
health inequalities. With regard to the United Kingdom or one other country (perhaps one with which you are familiar), describe this process and identify the best options for reducing health
inequalities while ‘building back better’ post-pandemic
“Building back better” – (the phrase used by the OECD, among others; see
sustainable-resilient-recovery-after-Covid-19) .
Guidelines to follow when writing essay;
well explained, demonstrates a thorough
understanding, of the subject making good use of directly
relevant material, including: (a) critical thinking; (b) original thinking; (c) relevant supplementary reading. Well written
Use as many resources as needed. Everything should be cohesive. Do not put in irrelevant or old resources, they should be new.
Use provided powerpoint as support for writing essay but do not use as resource