This is a two-page abstract for submitting to a conference. The objectives are investigate the impact of climate change on wheat, ii. to measure how the crop improvements by breeding efforts mitigate the negative warming effect on wheat. Another important point of this paper is taking account of “wheat quality” as well as wheat yield in evaluating the weather effect and breeding efforts. (Previous studies tend to focus on wheat yields only).
Therefore, I want you to help me in these ways:
1. I want the objectives plus the justification of adding “quality” to appear clearly in this abstract.
2. I want you to actively reorganize, merge, and rewrite sentences if it is necessary. I don’t want you to change just a couple of words or check simple grammars’ errors. (I have been disappointing about those services,)
3. This is my first draft and I am a non-nonative speaker, I feel there are redundant or limited expressions. I want it to look more concise, academic, and fluent by your correction.
4. Any suggestions and questions are welcome, it doesn’t have to have all information that I wrote, or you may add more sentences.
5. Do not care about the citations and references.