This essay must present an argument and incorporate scholarly
research leading to your “intervention” in the conversation. The final draft of this essay will be
between eight and ten pages in length. The heart of synthesis is connecting the ideas of others
within a rhetorical framework of your devising. This ability to set others’ ideas into a
conversation that you control rhetorically is the logical extension of what we have been doing
this semester. As a result, the only way this assignment differs from your synthesis essay is that
now you are selecting all of the textual sources that you are entering into dialogue with one
another and are doing so throughout a longer argument. Having selected your topic, you will now engage in research to understand the conversation you
are seeking to enter. A proper understanding of your sources remains your starting point, and
you must still make connections between the authors’ ideas. The same sets of questions that
helped you define your intervention in your synthesis essay are obtained here: Where do they agree?
Where do they differ? How do you want to correct, qualify, expand, or complicate their
positions? Considering these questions should help you formulate your “intervention” in the
conversation, which will set up your thesis statement. In turn, this thesis statement will establish
the topic sentences that your subsequent paragraphs will develop. Your final draft should be
between seven and ten pages in length (formatted according to MLA-9 standards), exclusive of
the Works Cited. You must use a minimum of six sources, at least four of which must be
scholarly, peer-reviewed ones. Do note that all reference works you cite (dictionaries,
encyclopedias including Wikipedia, and the like) MUST be listed on your Works Cited page but
DO NOT count toward your minimum number of sources.
Personal Instructions: Do not worry about proofreading for grammar as I will run through it myself afterward.
I highly recommend using academic search complete:
Sources do not have to be about boondocks as long as 2 of the sources are and the others relate to topics included.
Feel free to include opinions as well
You cannot use google as one of your source databases
This assignment is part of a makeup portfolio so ignore any due dates.