the text can be found here:
After reading the material in the text, investing some time doing independent research, and searching through all the resources available to you in slide-share, and YouTube through the mashups tools please make your first post to tell us what you think of the analysis summarized in the tables on Page 49, 65, and 76 of the text.
Tell us what your research and life experiences have taught you about the concepts and principles presented in this unit. Are there any you do not think is correct?
Are the principles always correct or are there times when the principles do not apply? By way of example, in the model money as a motivator might have some but limited and short-term benefits as a motivational tool. Do you think the extent of the motivation is a function of the position of the people you are motivating in the pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (reminder to copy and paste the link into your browser. I checked it and it worked for me)
Do you think if you were working with a culture or people who lacked the basic safety and security needs money might serve as a long term motivator or do you think that even when working with people at that level the principles discussed in the text still hold true in that the motivational effect has a more lasting impact?