the paper is going the be attached as a previous assingment to work on it. if you could please correct the instructions that I would write below. thank you.
make it about specifically the US.
• According to the file you sent me, the title of the dissertation is “Impact of inflation on development of the sector”. Well… what sector are you talking about? the financial sector? the industrial sector? Please specify.

• In the “Research Question” part, what does it mean “the improvement of any country”? do you mean the improvement of the macroeconomic indicators? if so, please specify.
• Still more: what do you mean with “the monetary area”? Are you thinking about any specific common monetary area (as, for example, the eurozone)?

• In the Background (or Literature Review), you start with the sentence that “The monetary area is the wellspring of financing financial plans in the country”. But, again, what monetary area are you talking about? And when you write “the country”, what country are you talking about?
• What is the “expansion rate”? is this a financial rate? or any other type of indicator?

• The Backgroud part should be used to make a synthesis of the contributions made in your research field by other authors. But you didn’t mention absolutely any author in this part.
• Please use this part to describe how other authors have contributed to the field (by mentioning these authors and their main contributions), and then add what contributions you intend to make to the existing knowledge.

• Methodology: it’s ok to use the unit root test to check the stationary of data, but how did you plan to do it? based in what time-series variable? Same for the cointegration test, how do you plan to do it? based in what time-series variable?
• An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) analysis can be convenient for a small sample size of data. What will be the sample size of data you will manage?

• So, what data will you use to do all this? Will it be secondary data taken from somewhere else? Or will it be any primary data? In case of primary data, how did you plan to get it?
• In general I find this Methodology part quite complex, but it’s ok.