SWOT Analysis
This individual assignment is designed to help you develop a holistic perspective on leading and managing an organization (Learning Objective #1) and comprehend the strategic approach to achieving overall organizational success (Learning Objective #2).
Specifically, you are required to report your findings from researching and analyzing Edgewell’s internal and external environments. Your research and analyses should include the following. Please review them and the related power points carefully before starting your work.
1) Identify the product scope of Edgewell.
2) Select one of the product lines carried by Edgewell and identify the target customer group(s), their needs and Edgewell’s value proposition to the target customers.
3) Identify the vision, core values and strategic goals of Edgewell.
4) Identify five most important strengths of Edgewell. For each strength identified, analyze their competitive impacts using the resource-based framework.