Subject: Tanks as the main weapon in the battle, and what are their capabilities now and in the future in light of the emergence of other technical options.
1. Introduction define tanks capabilities and effectiveness, whether in ancient or modern war + (This essay will argue that…).
2. History of tanks culture and what role did they play in the wars, and is their role remaining until now, or are there challenges?
3. Are there any weaknesses of tanks with the emerged of cyber attack and anti-tank weapons such as drones?
4. Argument/counterargument must be include in this essay.
5. What is the tanks ability at building area and open area (desert) with some examples.
6. How efficient are war tanks in a battle as compared to other modern options.
7. What are the possible alternatives to war tanks in the modern warfare characterized by remotely launched attacks ?
8. What is the work performance level of war tanks as compared to other weapons in the modern war battle? Maybe this point belong with point number (3) and (6).
9. Which is the most suitable conflict and battlefield trends that war tanks would be most ?
10. As battle field tactics advance, numerous technical options have been invented. However, war tanks still remain in use to date. The subject will seek to investigate the efficiency of war tanks in the modern ground warfare. Can war tanks be relied upon going into the future?
11. Total words are 15,000 words with footnotes ( without bibliography).
12. My level is high level.
13. Ignore using US concept/words.
14. Conclusion this essay has shown that tanks warfare is still effective even with the challenges of modern warfare.
15. You can add/modify any proposal/point you see it good to improve this essay and keep it in high quality.
16. Important: I have a discussion with my sponsor Professor after few days to discus the structure of this essay (I will be much appreciated if you can provide me the structure for discussions with PowerPoint for 10 minutes) and provide me some references.
17. I would like you to give me a long time for review/modify after the approving as this paper will take a discussion and the change is a possibility from Professor.
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Recommended reference / Alaric Searle, Armoured Worfare: A Military, Political, and Global History.