Title page
Length: 1000 to 1500 characters (incl. spaces)
in German or English language
(optional: preface)
acknowledgements for support, dedication
ends with place, date and author’s name
unusual in a VWA
does not count towards the character count
Table of contents
includes all following parts of the outline
does not count towards the number of characters
Introduction to the topic and guiding questions
Initial information on the procedure and structure of the work
Main part
Presentation of the methodical procedure for empirical work
topic-dependent chapters – processing of all information, sources, data etc. to answer the guiding questions
Final chapter/conclusion
Summary of results and findings
Conclusions, further questions/outlook
Final reflection
if applicable, list of figures, list of abbreviations
Bibliography: alphabetical listing of all sources (books, journals, websites…)
does not count to the number of characters
appendix, glossary, if applicable
Appendices: materials that are not directly inserted into the text, such as time tables, transcripts of interviews (Extensive transcripts are usually not included in the appendix. If volume and privacy permit, transcripts may be published in the appendix. )
does not count towards the character count
(Optional: self
does not count towards the character count