Step 1: Download the excel file that has Historical Stage data for Big Creek in Hays, KS, and Precipitation for Hays, KS. In addition, there is a tab that also contains historical photographs of Hays, KS.
Question 1: Compare the plots that show the monthly stage and annual stage of Big Creek.
Why do these look so different?
Look at the data that generates these plots, do all years contain the same number of months as data points? What effect could this have on your average Annual Stage for Big Creek?
Question 2: Compare monthly precipitation to Annual precipitation plots for Hays, KS.
Why are these plots so different?
Are there any discrepancies between the data? If so, what are they?
Question 3: Compare Precipitation to Stage of Big Creek. Use both Monthly and Annual Plots
Are there any relationships between the monthly precipitation and the monthly stage of Big Creek in Hays Kansas? If so, what are they?
What relationship exists between annual precipitation in Hays Kansas and the Annual average stage of Big Creek?
Are there any factors that can affect the stage of Big Creek that is not related to the amount of precipitation that fell?