the purpose of this unit is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to research effectively and to support improvements to organisational strategy, practice and working life.
This unit will also help you prepare for the research that will form the basis of your research report. You will develop transferable skills and abilities that you can utilise throughout your career in the many projects that you will no doubt undertake.
HR research takes many forms. In organisations, professionals might examine a wide range of specific problems. For example, an HR professional may research sickness absence or labour turnover with a view to identifying problems and proposing solutions. They may also investigate the potential impact of new legislation or the HR implications of changes to production or operations. Research into possible costs and benefits to the organisation of new policies, for example around flexible working or pay and benefits, could be another area of interest and one to investigate further.
The unit seeks to provide a detailed insight into the research process from start to finish, from identifying and defining the issue(s) to be researched to choosing the research methods, collecting data and analysing that data. You will draw conclusions on your topic, learn to make recommendations and write up your research. As part of the process you will learn about designing research projects and developing research tools such as questionnaires. You will also become informed about techniques for data analysis and consider important issues around the ethics of research. The Final Assessment will see you produce a proposal that can be used to outline the research you will undertake in the Dissertation unit.
By the end of this unit you should be able to:
– Identify for investigation a research topic deriving from an HR issue, problem or opportunity (or business issue with HR implications) which has strategic importance to an organization (or labour market/societal significance) and persuade stakeholders of the need to investigate it.
– Critically analyse theory and practice relevant to the research topic, in order to deepen understanding of the issue and its context and to establish an appropriate conceptual framework.
– Evaluate different research methodologies and methods and present a research design and proposed data analysis techniques appropriate to the research topic.
– Evaluate the ethical issues relating to the research topic and demonstrate how these will be addressed within the research design.
– Develop appropriate research aims, questions and/or objectives for the research topic.
Welcome to the Final Assessment for the Research Methods unit. You are expected to produce up to 3,000 words, which will be worth 100% of the overall mark.
Review the summary PowerPoint slide for a research proposal for additional information.
Your research proposal must be submitted on the University template. You can access that along with the full assignment brief here.
Please include at least 15 academic references.